The New Black Bear Casino Hotel MN is Closed For Renovation

Black Bear Casino Hotel MN is one of the newest casinos in Minnesota. This new casino is built on the same structure that was once operated by the old Ramada Inn and Suites in St. Cloud. Both of these hotels were closed by owner Jim Bergquist due to high vacancy rates.

black bear casino hotel mn

Jim Bergquist was the owner of the historic Ramada Inn and Suites, but after twenty-four years of operation he had sold the properties to a developer. After buying the two hotels, Bergquist wanted to make some changes to them to change the atmosphere. He was not happy with the way they were operating and thought it would be best to operate the new casino in a different building.

He contacted a local real estate developer to build him a new hotel complex that could house both of his casinos, as well as the second property that he owned. During this time he had met with Minneapolis’ tourism manager. A friend of Bergquist’s recommended that they meet with an experienced hotel consultant to help with the planning and design of the new hotel. The consultant suggested the Black Bear Casino Hotel MN as the best option.

Since the original Ramada Inn and Suites were in need of repair work, the owner decided to close it down for about a year and put it up for sale. Jim Bergquist had purchased the two properties and was planning to lease them to the people who owned the other properties to rent them out. It was also his intention to sell them to an investor. He hoped to get a great return on the investments he made during that year.

The purpose of the design was to create the Black Bear Casino Hotel MN. In order to do this, it was necessary to move several elements from the original Ramada Inn and Suites into the new hotel. This included moving the banquet facilities that were on the second property to the new hotel, and the guest rooms to a different location. This would give room for two casinos, to be housed in the same building.

The new hotel was designed to have the look of a true casino. It had a larger floor plan, and a second casino room that would be less than 50 feet away from the first. This created a feeling of being in a true casino when you walked through the door. Since this is one of the biggest concerns for players, it makes sense that the new Black Bear Casino Hotel MN was designed to provide them with the feeling of being in a casino.

The new casino has an entire themed room for the nights that it is open. The lobby area features all sorts of blackjack and roulette games, as well as a pinball machine for some fun action. There are many themed rooms that feature characters that are associated with casino games, such as the Blackjack and Slots Room.

The Black Bear Casino Hotel MN is scheduled to open on September 11th, 2020. To find out more information, or to purchase your own room, visit their website. You can be sure that you will be able to enjoy some blackjack and roulette while you are in the St. Cloud area.